Engaging Customers Is The Primary Task [Infographic]

How Bubly success from customer-oriented social media marketing

1 min readApr 4, 2021

Bubly sparkling water is launched in 2018 by its parent company PepsiCo. As the carbonated water industry has been continuously booming for a long time, Bubly quickly grasps its market share with its unique brand positioning. The colorful cans and plentiful flavors are loved by many customers.

Bubly has been focusing on online marketing ever since. It has broad penetration through almost every channel. Social media, obviously, is one of their major arena.

The brand puts so much effort into managing its social media accounts — creating ingenious graphs and GIFs, taking inventive photographs, interacting with customers, etc. They have a high engagement which helps to build stronger connections with customers.

Below is a detailed assessment of Bubly’s performance on its social media. I also added some advice that may help Bubly to better bonding with its customers.